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TroikaNet is the latest business application dedicated to the wealth management market

This flexible system has been built from the ground up to fit your needs and the cutting-edge design means the system will always stay up to date with the latest advancements so you can have confidence that your system will always be state-of-the-art

What is TroikaNet?

Accessible Anywhere

TroikaNet is a web-based application that can be installed on premise and then easily accessed by every member of your staff from anywhere on any device.

Fully Scalable

From an ‘out-of-the-box’ option for fast and easy installation to a fully customisable system; TroikaNet is a truly scalable platform to meet the demands of any wealth management firm.

Support on Demand

TroikaNet is delivered with an exceptional level of customer support, offering a business relationship that puts your wealth management needs at the heart of what we do.

Secure   /   Scalable   /   Role-Based   /   Responsive   /   Customisable

Exceptionally clean and user friendly

What are your requirements?

Latest Technology

TroikaNet is built using the most advanced and powerful framework available to shape the display of data through graphical dashboards and provide extensive wealth management functionality

The platform has been designed around a desktop, but guarantees full responsive functionality across devices

The system utilises the most complete and trusted development toolset to create a rich User Experience

The application of this technology ensures that TroikaNet is highly future proofed and will always have extensive support for quicker and consistent development

The technology also helps meet digital accessibility standards and ensures you can meet the personal needs of any individual employee with disability requirements

The functionality is delivered using a standard web browser, cutting the overhead for workstation installation and supports all the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Opera
Out of the Box Option

TroikaNet has been designed to eliminate a lengthy implementation process to suit the needs of smaller boutique wealth management firms as well as improve efficiency in installation for larger firms

As a web based platform, the system has no end-user requirements for installation, making it much quicker to roll out to an unlimited number of users efficiently

The system comes with a dozen pre-defines roles, from junior administrator to director level, so you can assign roles and start using the system immediately

Once the system is fully embedded with your firm’s processes the existing roles can then be finely-tuned and new roles can be created to fit your requirements exactly

The pre-built dashboards provide a visual graphical display of data to cover the key areas of wealth management: Entity Management; Compliance & Risk; Time, Fees & Billing; AEOI; and Portfolio & Asset Analysis

The platform is built with a clean and universal user interface to provide a consistent user experience and drive efficiency
Fully Customisable

TroikaNet is a fully configurable role-based system with the flexibility to be tailored to meet the demands of a large multi-jurisdictional organisation

The system has been robustly tested for security to ensure that junior users or external clients cannot circumnavigate the system to gain entry to data which is restricted for them

The roles can be customised at a granular level providing each department and position with a finely tuned set of permissions that match the specific responsibilities of the role

Data tables within the system can be customised so each user sees the data they need, making each users interface unique to them

The system also offers numerous reporting options and bespoke reports can be designed to meet the requirements of your firm

Customised dashboards can be developed as part of the implementation process to bring together a highly tailored view of data specific for your firm
Support on Demand

The system comes with its own built in support platform that is accessible to every user

Users have the ability to raise support issues directly from within the system which logs and records support tickets automatically

TroikaNet also comes with full telephone support and our experienced team go above and beyond to offer the highest level of support to our clients, whether answering simple questions on getting the most out of the system to assisting with bespoke customisations

The TroikaNet Support Team are based at our head office in the UK and they have a proven track record of providing issue resolutions within 1 working day

Our Annual User Group conference held at London Gatwick and co-ordinated by the independent User Group Chairman provides an opportunity for users to give feedback and input on future development as well as learning about new functionality and networking with other firms

The support features allows users to search how-to articles and browse frequently asked questions for answers to simple issues